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This movement , is against violence and for the love, against the global materialism .
My reputation speaks for itself , We stand for peace, of course, I point to the trimmings of Tibet !
I speak of the many thousands and millions of people want peace! Of course, I am Buddhist monk, I'd like all people of every nationality Invite ,Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians all atheists since all Welcome as you can have your opinion and attitude to show cause, too, a change in society brought about


इस आंदोलन, हिंसा के खिलाफ वैश्विक भौतिकवाद के खिलाफ प्यार है, के लिए है.
मेरी प्रतिष्ठा के लिए ही बोलता है, हम शांति के लिए खड़ा है, बेशक, मैं तिब्बत के सजावट को इंगित करें!
मैं कई हजारों की बात है और लाखों लोग शांति चाहते हैं! बेशक, मैं बौद्ध भिक्षु रहा हूँ, मैं हर राष्ट्रीयता के सभी लोगों को आमंत्रित, मुसलमान, हिंदू बौद्ध, ईसाई सब और नास्तिक के बाद से सभी आपका स्वागत है जैसा कि आप आपके विचार और दृष्टिकोण है करने के लिए कारण दिखा सकते हैं, भी, समाज में बदलाव लाया करना चाहते हैं के बारे में



Öff Öff Jürgen Wagner
Let us develop the "(capitalist) majority-democracy" into a "GLOBAL CONSENSUS-DEMOCRACY"...  ("consensus" = decisions, where - as much as possible - nobody must fear to be dominated with violence)

"SCHENKERS-MOVEMENT" ("schenken" is the german verb for "give as a gift") offers:

是德國動詞的“贈送禮物 提供
演化的原因 愛情 為了創造 個 共識學會全球共享 這也被稱為“全球共識民主

 As the founder of "SCHENKERS-MOVEMENT", I am happy, that I more and more can present this idea of a "(GLOBAL) CONSENSUS-DEMOCRACY" (in other words a "CULTURE OF GLOBAL CONSENSUS-SHARING") in the internet, for example in facebook...  (Before this, I already tried to live these ideals since 1991 in my personal life in a most-possible 'holistic' way, from inner work with honest "ORGANIC THINKING" and "WORKING WITH LIGHT AND LOVE" up to a living without luxury, state and money, only sharing non-violently with other people and exchanging gifts with them in "GLOBAL LOVE"...  I also started community-experiments of such "CONSENSUS-COMMUNITIES OF GLOBAL SHARING", in the sense of "FREE EARTH FOR FREE SHARING PEOPLE!", including a peaceful integration into nature...)

I don't know, at which point of time this idea of "GLOBAL CONSENSUS-SHARING" or "CONSENSUS-DEMOCRACY" will grow to a big wave - but I believe, it will grow this way, because I see it as the future of human society...

Just now at the moment, there are revolutions in other parts of the world (with big help of the internet!), which want to change from dictators to democracies... - We hope, that as a further (logical) progress it may already be possible, for example with our facebook-site here, to start the next growing from majority-democracy and capitalism to a "CONSENSUS-SOCIETY OF GLOBAL SHARING"... So that this future slowly can dawn...

Our starting-step for it shall be as unideological as possible, so that very different people (with different ideologies, religions or cultures) can cooperate in the best-possible way and can build a net of such new community-cells, which grows together then more and more...

If the time for an idea has come, it will become effective...
At least it is good to have such hope and to work for it with energy...

This english facebook-website or board, which I begin in team-work with Lama Mike Andres, shall offer a starting-place, so that interested people can come into conversation about this revolution and can begin to organise themselves together, step by step...

During the 20 years of "SCHENKERS-MOVEMENT", already several elements of theory (texts, documents, media-reports) and praxis (inner and outer forming of life, community-projects, non-profit-organisations...) have been developped...
(Detailed informations are for example in schenkeraspiegelforum.plusboard.de, also with english threads...)

We think, that most of these elements are fitting in a consistent and conclusive way and will be a good help for the "CULTURE OF GLOBAL CONSENSUS-SHARING" or "GLOBAL CONSENSUS-DEMOCRACY", and to our mind other people, who seriously take part in reflecting about it, will probably come to the same conclusions... (Especially, that the development must be rooted in deep "INNER WORK", what we call "ORGANIC THINKING" and "WORKING WITH LIGHT AND LOVE"...)

But just because we think, that we all can come to the same essential conclusions, we do not see it als useful to start with lots of texts for you...
We want to start an open, free and creative communication, with you and among you, about all the aspects, which can belong to such a new holistic and integral conception of life and society...

That's why I want to end this introduction only with 2 short descriptions of the central intention of "SCHENKERS-MOVEMENT":

a) The "one Schenkers-Sentence":
Schenkers-Movement proposes as a "minimum-consensus for global responsability": We need enough REASON and LOVE, so that the people become able for "consensus-decisions for the good of the whole"... ("common-good-consensus"...)


b) The "four Schenkers-Sentences":
1. Happiness comes from following one's moral conscience. (I think, we can also call it the NATURAL DIVINE INNER LIGHT...)
2. This means, that one wants to live in responsability for the whole (in "GLOBAL LOVE"), so to say like an "healthy cell in the organism of the world".
3. For this it is a decisive root-orientation to stop the "right of the (outside) stronger one". Instead of this we must strengthen a culture of  "arguments instead of fists" with so much nonviolent sharing, LOVE and gifts, that the people can effectively decide for the good of the whole.
4. Someone, who agrees to this (nonviolent sharing and unconditional LOVE as the key for a globally responsable development), should begin with himself, and should try to be so consequent, that it can be a solution for the whole, a healing of the world...
(Such an essential change to nonviolence and sharing is in contradiction to putting one's basis of life into the state (a domination-system) and the money-economy (a system of individual revenge according to the "principle of the stronger one") ...)

So, the communication and exchange of thoughts is opened - be invited with  GLOBAL LOVE...

Mail Lama Mike Andres

buddhismus.online@googlemail.com Europa

Buddhismus.online@ymail.com Europa

mike.andres@hush.com  United States of America


This page is under construction !!!
The English chat and forum are unlocked, all the chat will be in English, there is also a German chat is whether this still depends on our decision


I would particularly like to stress Öff Öff Jürgen Wagner Known in Germany, with its movement Schenkerbewegung He is still a lot to write Öff Öff Jürgen Wagner opening opening is equal to share this page with the Participation All in love and respect for each other, aggression is not tolerated here "


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